Sorry, the Nandi Bear is not able to provide this service at this time. Please check back in a few weeks (or contact me on Steemit, but do not send payment).

Get your post backlinked for 5 Steem or 5 Steem Dollar (SBD)!

    Send 5 Steem or 5 SBD to @nandibear      

In the memo of the transfer please paste in your post's link (the url).

Here's exactly what you'll get for your money. I'll read your post and:

(1) I'll post an excerpt (with backlink) of your Steemit post at another popular and lively site.

And if your post is original content:

(2) I'll leave a comment (a thorough comment, not just an "awesome post!") under your Steemit post

(3) I'll upvote your Steemit post

Number of upvotes, comments and new followers which you may receive after any of the foregoing has taken place inherently depends on the quality of the content in your Steemit post.